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* Some locations require a minimum stay of 30 days

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NOTE: The photos on this website are a sampling of what you might expect in our fully appointed units, including a full kitchen and queen bed(s).


Pool and spa areas (if available)

 Pool, spa, fitness and all common areas are to be used at your own risk, as there is no lifeguard on duty. All persons, under 16 years of age, must be accompanied by an adult at all times. All persons must wear appropriate swim attire when using the pool/spa. Street clothes, including cut-off jeans, are prohibited. No pets are allowed in the pool/spa area with the exception of service animals. No running or horseplay is allowed in the pool/spa area. No food or drink is allowed inside the pool or spa. CORPORATE HOUSING AMERICA, Management or Property Owners are not responsible for accidents or injuries sustained while using any facilities of the property.

Grounds / Common Areas / Patios / Balconies / and Entryways

Loitering or open alcohol containers in these areas are NOT PERMITTED at any time. Fire codes prohibit blocking any apartment/house entryways, flammable hazards and/or combustible materials of any kind such as, but not limited to, tarps, paint, tires, auto parts and garbage from being placed or store on any patio, deck, balcony or entryway at any time.


The Guest(s) agree to indemnify Corporate Housing America against loss, injury, damage, cost, action or cause of action of any nature whatsoever caused by any of the Guest(s), Occupant(s) or of any person they invite into the apartment. Corporate Housing America is not liable in any way for any lost, damaged or stolen items of the Guest(s) used or contained in the apartment during the Guest(s) stay or left in the apartment once the Guest(s) has vacated. The Guest(s) hereby releases, remises, and forever discharges Corporate Housing America, its Officers, Directors, Managers, Employees, Agents and Contractors, from any and all liability, injury, loss and damages, including personal injury and death that may arise from or in relation to the Guest(s) exclusive possession of the Apartment and use the apartment until the departure date, whenever or however they occur.


Any changes modified in a confirmed reservation may be subject to an administration charge of $40.00 per change. Acceptance of changes in check-in dates remains at the sole discretion of Corporate Housing America. Early vacate approval remains at the sole discretion of Corporate Housing America and will be subject to the full balance owing on the agreement.


In extreme circumstances Corporate Housing America may find it necessary to cancel a reservation and if so, Corporate Housing America shall make all practical efforts to offer a comparable alternative. If this is not acceptable, Corporate Housing America upon written notification will refund any sum paid in advance; which shall constitute full and final settlement of any liability Corporate Housing America may have as a result of such cancellation.

On the rare occasions when a guest has an unexpected change of plans, Corporate Housing America will provide the appropriate form to release the apartment and then try its best to get new guests into the apartment, to relieve the obligation of the original guest.

CANCELLATION PRIOR TO MOVE-IN – Corporate Housing America must be notified in writing via email of any reservation cancellation earlier than thirty (30) days prior to the start date of the reservation, and the Guest(s) will forfeit any and all monies paid as a cancellation penalty. Any reservation cancelled after the 30 day mark will be responsible for the entirety of the Agreement unless CHA is able to sign a new agreement for the entire duration of the existing agreement.

No refunds for early departure or non-arrival

Cancellation Policy: A Cancellation Fee of, but not limited to, $100 plus the balance owing for the entire reservation will be due and payable immediately. ‘CHA’ reserves the right to accept reservations from future Guests, for any Suite/Unit except for the indicated reserved period of time on the CHA Temporary Occupancy Agreement, which include open-ended stays.  We offer no refund/credits unless stated in writing. Reservations only apply to the length of stay as stated on this contract. An extension of any reservation is subject to availability and/or management approval. It is understood by all parties that, if a guest chooses to extend their stay, and management approves the request, the appropriate paperwork must be completed prior to an extension. NO EXCEPTIONS.


If the Reservation is canceled prior to the arrival date, Client/Guest will be liable for the cancellation fee set forth in these terms and conditions. If (i) the Reservation is not cancelled prior to the arrival date and Client/Guest fails to occupy the Unit or (ii) Client/Guest vacates the Unit prior to the end of the Term, Client/Guest may terminate the Reservation upon written notice to Corporate Housing America and payment in full of all amounts outstanding and all rent and other charges due hereunder for the unexpired Term. Following a termination by Client/Guest, any rent recovered by Corporate Housing for re-letting the Unit during any portion of the unexpired Term shall be refunded to Client/Guest in an amount up to the amount paid by Client/Guest for such unexpired Term less a $500 termination fee, which the parties agree is a reasonable estimate of the costs, damages and/or other expenses incurred by Corporate Housing America as a result of such termination (e.g., fees incurred in re-letting the Unit, charges for furniture rental and pick-up). If Client/Guest fails to pay when due any rental fee or other amounts due hereunder or is in material breach of its obligations hereunder, or in violation of any applicable law, regulation, ordinance, statute or community policy with respect to the Unit, building or complex, and such failure, breach, or violation is not cured within three (3) days after written notice of same, then Corporate Housing America may (i) immediately terminate Client/Guest's right to occupy the Unit, (ii) immediately dispossess Client/Guest and deny Client/Guest access to the Unit, to the extent permitted under or otherwise as provided under applicable local law, and (iii) pursue any and all rights and remedies available to it at law or in equity. Upon termination by Corporate Housing America, all amounts outstanding and all rent and other charges for the unexpired Term shall become immediately due and payable. Client/Guest agrees to pay to Corporate Housing America all costs of collection and enforcement, including but not limited to reasonable attorney's fees and all charges for services for collection. If Client/Guest remains in the Unit after the end of the Term without the written consent of Corporate Housing America , it shall be deemed a holdover tenancy and Corporate Housing America may, in addition to other rights and remedies available at law or in equity, recover, as additional rent, damages from Client/Guest in an amount equal to THREE (3) times the then current daily rental rate, prorated on a daily basis, or the maximum amount permitted by law for each day Client/Guest remains in possession of the Unit after the end of the Term. Corporate Housing America shall also be entitled to an interest rate of 29% annually or the highest amount allowed by law, whichever is higher, on any unpaid balance owed.


Corporate Housing America has the right to terminate an Occupancy Agreement at any time on the grounds of abuse to staff or other guests, mistreatment of the Apartment, or criminal activity on the part of those occupying the Apartment or their guests. In such circumstances Corporate Housing America is not obliged to provide or attempt to locate alternative accommodation. The period of notice and the refund applicable are entirely at the discretion of Corporate Housing America


Weekly Rates Only Apply to Full Weeks – unless otherwise noted on your paperwork.

Weekly Rates Only Apply to Full Weeksunless otherwise noted on paperwork. Partial weeks may be charged at the posted daily rate.  No exceptions unless specifically approved by the management of CHA prior to check-in. It is understood by all parties that the services provided by CHA are strictly for temporary occupancy purposes and will in no way be considered a permanent residence. It is also understood by all parties that this Temporary Occupancy Agreement is a legal and binding contract between the Guest/Co-signer/Guarantor and CHA and will be bound by any and all applicable Oregon Laws.


 Corporate Housing America’s rates are subject to possible change any time an Occupancy Agreement is renewed or extended. Rates do not change during the term of an existing Occupancy Agreement.


 If the Guest(s) should find accommodations to be other than as represented, Corporate Housing America will make every effort to remedy the problem, and in extreme situations will attempt to move the Guest(s) to another Apartment if available. In the event a substitute Apartment is found which rents at a higher rate than originally booked, the Guest(s) may be asked to pay the difference. While Corporate Housing America will do everything possible to accommodate the Guest(s) needs, Corporate Housing America is not responsible for situations and conditions which are beyond our control such as: allergies, bad weather; airline delays; labor strikes; or the failure of a previous Guest to vacate the Apartment.


Guest(s) and all other occupants acknowledge and agree to comply with By-Laws and Rules & Regulations of the building and/or community association during the term of the contract. If Guest(s) fails to follow these rules, Corporate Housing America has the right to terminate the contract for misconduct without refund. Guest(s) and all other occupants must keep their personal belongings inside the Apartment (bicycles, shoes, door mats, carriages, umbrellas etc. are not permitted to be left in the hallways or passageways).

It is forbidden for the Guest(s) to:

 Cause a disturbance or interference of comfort to other residents of the building; Cook outside of the kitchen area;

 Block toilets, sinks, tubs or other water fixtures with garbage or other substances;

 Barbeque on the balconies or terraces;

 Hang clothes, towels or bathing suits on balconies, windows or terraces;

 Post any ads, notices or any other signs anywhere in the buildings;

 Remove dishes, cookware or any other equipment or furnishings from the Apartment;

 Use Roller Blades, bicycles or skateboards in all areas of the building;

 Leave windows open when Apartment is not inhabited;

 Install additional locking devices on any doors;

 Leave garbage or debris in any common area not designated for waste disposal;

 Leave children under the age of fourteen (14) unattended in any common areas of the building;

 Tamper with Smoke Detectors or Fire Extinguisher

Any moved furniture must be returned to its original location prior to the Guest(s) Departure; any damages caused by such movement will result in additional fees.

Guest(s) may not solicit or peddle, nor use their Apartment for other than residential or tourist purposes. An excessive level of noise will not be tolerated at any time.

Tenant shall comply with the specific covenants, conditions and restrictions applicable to the rental property and/or condominium association. Violation(s) may result in fines or eviction.

Apartment Community
This contract is subject to the terms of the communities’ rules and guidelines


 – Only persons who are acknowledged by the Occupancy Agreement and approved by Corporate Housing America in advance may occupy the Apartment. Guest(s) are not permitted to sublet the Apartment to any other third party. The number of persons permitted to occupy the Apartment is limited to the number indicated on the Occupancy Agreement including children and adults. Corporate Housing America reserves the right to refuse admittance to the Apartment if this condition is not complied with.

Occupying tenants
CHA must know the names of each person occupying this unit. Occupant info may be provided within the Occupancy Agreement.

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