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* Some locations require a minimum stay of 30 days

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NOTE: The photos on this website are a sampling of what you might expect in our fully appointed units, including a full kitchen and queen bed(s).



There will be extensive fees for any keys, fobs, passes, etc. that are not left in the apartment when you depart.

Late/Decline Fees:

A Late fee of $50 per day will be assessed to any account not paid in full by 1PM each Monday.

A Decline fee of $50 per attempt will be assessed to any account if the credit card on file is declined for any reason. CHA reserves the right to attempt to process the payment up to two times per day.


Damaged or Lost Keys/Door Openers – Guest(s) shall be responsible for the costs of replacing lost keys, door openers, etc. or for any damage caused by abuse or neglect. There will be a minimum charge of $75 for lost keys and minimum $150 for each of the following lost items; electronic fob, security/parking passes, and garage door remote controls.

A lock out charge of minimum $85.00 will be billed to the Guest(s) account for any required re-access to their Apartment.

Extraordinary Charges

Any request to CORPORATE HOUSING AMERICA for services not included within the general guidelines of the unit will be subject to a minimum service charge of $35 over and above the actual cost of the service.

Your Temporary Home

All Apartments are fully furnished and include a fully operational kitchen with appliances, cutlery, and kitchen utensils. No food or consumables are provided. Apartments are equipped with furnishings, linen and towels.

No items may be removed from the Apartment.

Our rates include utilities, secure internet connection, and expanded basic cable television. Any extra facilities are solely at Corporate Housing America’s discretion.

Linens and towels are provided in the apartment.

For your convenience, a vacuum and a starter supply of paper towels, toilet paper, dish soap, dishwasher & laundry detergent is available inside every apartment.

We do not service the apartments daily, but housekeeping service is available during your stay for an additional cost.

If you choose more in-depth cleaning services during your stay, additional charges will apply.

Unit Inspections:

In effort to maintain the highest standards CHA performs monthly inspections of our units. You will receive a 24 hour notice of entry via email before any inspection.

Pool, Spa, Sauna, Fitness Facilities and any or all Amenities:

These amenities are for registered guests ONLY, no additional guests permitted. You must be listed on the /agreement/contract in order to use any or all property amenities. You must abide by all guidelines and restrictions, whether posted or inferred.


Balconies are restricted to a maximum of 4 people at any time. This is for your safety. Pets must NEVER be left unattended on the balcony or patio.

Allergies / Hyper Sensitivity:

Corporate Housing America cannot be held responsible for any sensitivity to allergens including but not limited to cleaning agents, laundry detergents or any other allergy inducing chemicals, substances or pet dander.  

Pest Control:

It is our goal to maintain the highest quality living environment. Our CHA Agent periodically inspect and knows of no pest infestation. Residents/Guests have an important role in preventing and controlling pests. Good housekeeping is essential to minimize or control any infestation. Resident/Guest warrantee that all personal property that will be moved into the unit will be free from pests. Resident/Guest agrees to not bring in second hand goods that have not been thoroughly inspected for pests. Resident/Guest agrees to promptly report any problems or signs of pests. Resident acknowledges that failure to report problems may increase their personal liability if there is a pest problem. Should the need arise for extermination procedures Resident/Guest may be held responsible for costs of scheduled pest treatments if they have not complied with the guideline above. Resident/Guest agrees to follow the preparation guidelines required for proper exterminating procedures. If Resident/Guest is unprepared for any scheduled treatment, CHA reserves the right to charge a service call in addition to re-scheduled extermination procedures. CHA reserves the right to charge the Resident/Guest for necessary extermination services. Resident/Guest acknowledges that CHA will not be responsible for damage to, or decontamination of Resident/Guests’ personal property or for providing temporary accommodations due to Resident/Guests’ failure to follow the terms of this pest policy.  Resident/Guest agrees that violation of any terms of this pest policy constitutes a material noncompliance and is grounds for termination of this contract and/or legal action by CHA.

Unit Condition

It shall be conclusively presumed that the apartment were in good condition and clean at the time of occupancy, unless Client/Guest notifies Corporate Housing America  to the contrary within 24 hours of occupancy of the apartment. Client/Guest agrees not to make any alterations, installations, repairs, or redecorations of any kind, whether permitted by law or otherwise, to the apartment or its premises without the written permission of Corporate Housing America.

For your protection, you are responsible to check your apartment for any damages or missing items.  Any such items must be reported in writing to our office within 24 hours of your arrival to avoid any liability to you.     


Guest(s) are responsible for maintaining the overall cleanliness and condition of the interior of the Apartments. Upon departure, Guest(s) are expected to leave the Apartment in the same condition that we have provided or be billed a minimum of $200.00 for additional cleaning costs associated with the state of the apartment such as waste removal. Extra housekeeping charges will apply for any apartment which requires more time than normally allocated for a clean out to return the apartment to Corporate Housing America standards. Corporate Housing America conducts a final cleaning and inspection of each Apartment upon Guest(s) departure.

Housekeeping Service
Housekeeping service is available on all apartments and can be scheduled via email to CHA. Maid service consists of changing out the sheets, dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing the kitchen and bathroom countertops, mopping the floors and wiping down the fixtures.

Maid service does not include: Deep cleaning, doing dishes or laundry, scrubbing the stove, moving personal items to clean, etc.

TV & Internet

Expanded basic cable and/or digital television are provided in each apartment. Any additional services, such as movie rentals or additional channels will incur fees and administration fees.
Each Apartment has been equipped for Internet access. Upon departure, all equipment must remain in the apartment or the guest will be responsible for a minimum charge of $250.00 each for replacement of the modem, router and/or the receiver. Because cable service, internet service, water service, electric service, and gas service (if applicable) are provided through 3rd party America s, Corporate Housing America is not responsible for any outages of service that may occur during your stay.

Internet Service

As it is known, wireless services can be very unpredictable. It is advised that you bring a Ethernet connection cable so that in the event the wireless service is not working, you will still have internet access without interruption. Wireless service is provided as a courtesy and Corporate Housing America is not responsible for connectivity issues. Client/Guest expressly agrees that Internet service, if any, is provided on an “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE” basis and that Corporate Housing America disclaims all liabilities arising from the use thereof. Client/Guest may not use the Internet service for any illegal purposes. If Client/Guest is found to be in breach of this Section, Corporate Housing America may, in addition to all other remedies it may have and at its sole discretion, immediately terminate Internet access of Client/Guest without notice.

Internet Access is provided free of charge as a courtesy. If maintenance responds to a call for internet access issues and the problem is found to be with the guests’ computer or mobile device a $50.00 per hour charge will immediately be billed to the credit card on file with a one hour minimum for the technician’s time. Please keep in mind this is a courtesy provided; if there are connectivity issues or disrupted service we will help correct the problem as soon as possible, there could be a wait of 2 or more days. Most units are equipped with WiFi, however WiFi internet connections are not guaranteed.

Fire Protection Devices

 If any fire protection device, including without limitation, a smoke detector or fire extinguisher, is located within the Premises, then upon taking occupancy, Client/Guest assumes responsibility for the maintenance of any such device. Client/Guest assumes liability for the testing of such devices and periodically inspecting pressure gauges, if any, and promptly reporting any deficiencies to Corporate Housing America. Tampering with any fire protections device will result in an immediate $500 non-compliance fee.


Basic utilities (electricity, hot-water, heating, air-conditioning, etc.) are included in the rental rate. However, the Guest(s) must ensure that all lights and small appliances are turned off, and air-conditioning & heating units should be turned down to save energy when the apartment is unoccupied. Extra charges may apply if any utilities bill rises above and beyond the standard usage costs for the specific Apartment rented. Approximate standard utility usage costs are $100 per month for a 1 bedroom, $125 per month for a 2 bedroom, and $150 per month for a 3 bedroom.

Utility allowance

Being responsible stewards of our planet is essential. Power usage above this amount will be charged to your account:
$100 (studios/1 bdrm.) $125(2 bdrm.) $150(3 bdrm.)

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