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* Some locations require a minimum stay of 30 days

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Check-in Time: 4PM You MUST call the CHA office immediately upon arrival (no matter what time). Leave a message to let us know you have arrived at the apartment and found the keys. This phone call is a courtesy to our team member who might be on-call in case you have any issues upon arrival.


Detailed arrival instructions will be provided the day before your arrival. CHA will email the Self Check-in Instructions to the email address of the cardholder on the account.


Guests accept all responsibilities, expenses and risks when arriving after 5:00 pm. We make every effort to accommodate guests but cannot be available all hours of the night to mediate unexpected issues with a late arrival.


Guest should submit a complete list of any issues within 24 hours of move-in to the Apartment. This list can be submitted by email to info@corporatehousingamerica.com

If Guest fails to submit a complete list of issues within 24 hours of move in, the Apartment will be deemed to be free of damages. Any damages that are found by Corporate Housing America upon Guest’s departure will be charged to the Guest and/or subtracted from their Security Deposit.


Check-out Time: 10AM Departure times are strictly enforced. All Guest(s) are required to vacate their Apartment by 10AM. This allows our team member enough time to make sure the apartment is ready for our next guests.

Keys, passes and remotes are to be left in the apartment as directed by the provided Departure Instructions.


Failure to leave any essentials (i.e. access cards, garage remotes, parking passes, etc.) in your suite upon departure will result in a Replacement Fee (min. $100).

Non-returned Keysa Locksmith Fee (min. $150) will be charged if the keys are not left in the unit at the end of your stay. Failure to leave any essentials (i.e. access cards, garage remotes, parking passes, etc.) in your unit upon departure will result in a Replacement Charge. (Up to $150.00 per item)            

THE FINAL STEP - You MUST call the CHA office immediately after departure. You will leave a message to let us know you have vacated the apartment. This phone call terminates your occupancy of the apartment. We will immediate dispatch a team member to secure the apartment. Do not make this phone call prior to vacating the apartment. If our team member arrive and the apartment is still occupied, you will be assessed a $200 non-compliance fee. Failure to make this phone call immediately upon departure will result in you being charge a late departure fee of $100 per hour past 10AM.

Guest Responsibility at Check OutTo avoid additional cleaning charges (min. $50 per incident), you must clean your unit prior to check out. It must be left in the same or better condition than when you arrived. Linens & Towels MUST be laundered and left folded on the bed(s). Dishes may be left washing in the dishwasher.  Please make sure the oven is left clean, all food has been removed from the refrigerator, freezer & cabinets and all trash has been taken out. The apartment must be clean upon departure; vacuumed, dusted, bathrooms, kitchen etc. all clean and ready for the next guest.                                  

Late Departure

Late check-out must be requested and approved in writing via email no less than 24 hours prior to the stated departure date.

If there is any delay in vacating the apartment beyond the set departure time of 10AM, the Guest will be charge a minimum Late Departure Fee of $100 for every extra hour stayed in the apartment, plus any costs incurred to Corporate Housing America caused by your late departure. Example: If CHA does not receive the departure notification call by 10:01am, you will be charged a Late Departure Fee of $100. If the departure call is not received by 11am, another $100 Late Departure Fee will be assessed. If you have not vacated the apartment by noon, you will be assessed an additional Non-compliance fee of $200, plus the hourly late departure fees that will accumulate. You will also be responsible for any costs incurred by CHA caused either directly or indirectly by violating our policies, including but not limited to; any maintenance/cleaning rescheduling necessary, full amount of any reservation that could not be confirmed, honored nor checked-in. (this could amount to the equivalent of several weeks or months).

CHA is not responsible for items or mail left behind. If you leave anything behind, please notify us right away and we will make our best effort to retrieve the item. You will be responsible for any costs involved in returning the item(s) to you such as postage, shipping, etc.

Departure Instructions

You will receive an email the day before your departure date with departure instructions. These instructions will advise you as to where to leave the key, access card, etc.

You must leave the apartment clean and all furnishings in good order. Linens & Towels are to be laundered and left folded on the bed. Dishes may be left washing in the dishwasher.  Make sure the oven is left clean. A substantial cleaning fee will apply if the unit is not left in the proper condition.

Departure notification/extensions

The departure date on the Occupancy Agreement will be strictly enforced. All extensions are subject to availability and CHA is under no obligation to hold or reserve the apartment past the stated departure date on the Occupancy Agreement. It is best to keep the apartment reserved well into the future to assure a new reservation is not accepted and approved. If a guest needs to extend their stay past the stated departure date, they must request an extension. Once the completed and signed Extension Request Forms is received by CHA, one of our team members will check availability and either approve or deny the request via an email response.

Open-ended Departure Notification

Pertaining to Open-ended Reservations Only - Due to the uncertainty of some Guests as to the length of their stay, written notification must be received by CHA at least 30 days prior to departure on any open-ended (non-specific) stay if a departure date has not been specifically established.  Failure to provide such notification may result in a Non-Cancellation Fee of, but not limited to, a minimum of the equivalent to 30 nights at the weekly rate.  It is understood by the Guest/Guarantor that an open-ended stay does not guarantee the unit will be available for your entire stay if you plan to extend your stay. CHA reserves the right to accept reservations for the apartment you occupy any time with a 30 day notice to vacate.

Departure service fee

Excessive cleans & unit damage will result in additional charges. A Departure fee may be due and payable if the apartment is not left clean and in order.

Extending Your Stay

All extensions are subject to availability and must be requested via an Extension Request Form and confirmed in writing via e-mail. Any verbal agreements or “promises” over the phone will not be valid as a reservation or honored as extensions of the original reservation.

If a guest wants to extend the existing reservation and Corporate Housing America is unable to honor the request, all guest/occupants must vacate the apartment by 10 am on the original scheduled checkout date.


Government issued photo id and a valid credit card are required.

Credit card authorization

The authorized signer on the credit card account must be a signer on the Occupancy Agreement. The cardholder guarantees all aspects of the Occupancy Agreement, including Policies, Guidelines, Terms and Conditions will be strictly adhered to by all occupants and guests of the apartment.

Security deposit

Without prejudice to any other right the Guest(s) may forfeit their security deposit (or an appropriate proportion of it) if they do not comply with the Terms and Conditions set forth herein.

Security deposits shall be returned to the cardholder , or written accounting made for any portion retained, listing the exact reasons for the retention (missing items/damages, rents, late fees, unit charges, departure fees, excess utilities, other charges due under this agreement, including interest), together with the balance of the security deposit within sixty (30) days after departure.

Refundable Security Deposit

Reservation/Damage Guarantee: The Guest/Co-signer/Guarantor guarantees that all aspects of this Temporary Occupancy Agreement, Policies and Guidelines will be strictly adhered to by all occupants and guests of the unit.

A Reservation/Security Deposit is required to confirm your reservation and will be charged upon receipt of your completed paperwork, along with your service charge, pet fee (if applicable) and the first week’s payment. Reservations must be secured with a credit card and will be held by CHA.

Your deposit will NOT be refunded and you may be subject to additional charges for repair or replacement. Damage could include but is not limited to; stains, holes, burns, discoloration.  


For identity and security purposes, CHA requires the legal name, address and DOB of every occupant.


All assessed fees become due and payable immediately upon assessment and is first to be paid via any payments to the account.

Non-Compliance Fee

If for any reason, the Occupancy Agreement is not honored by the Guest/Cardholder, a Non-compliance Fee of, but not limited to, the balance owing for the entire reservation will be due immediately.

Non-Compliance Fee – minimum $150 per incident - such fees may be collected upon non-compliance of the terms of the contract (i.e. smoking, pets in the unit without written authorization, disturbance of any sort, non-payment etc.) Any such fees may vary according to each situation and will be solely determined by the management team of Corporate Housing America. Non-payment of the non-compliance fee can result in immediate removal from the unit.

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