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* Some locations require a minimum stay of 30 days

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Client/Guest shall be deemed to have knowledge of and to have consented to these Terms and Conditions, the rental policies and procedures of Corporate Housing America, and the rules of the applicable apartment community. All Addenda and other documents agreed to in connection with the Reservation, including the Occupancy Agreement, are hereby made a part of these Terms and Conditions. Clicking or checking the “YES, I ACCEPT THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS” button/box shall have the same force and effect as an original signature. These Terms and Conditions will be construed under the laws of the State in which the apartment is located, regardless of principles of conflicts of law.

The terms of a Reservation (“Terms”) will be in accordance with the dates set forth in the signed Occupancy Agreement and confirmed via email from Corporate Housing America. Client/Guest agrees that, at the end of the Term, the apartment will be vacated by the departure time set forth in the Occupancy Agreement.

Upon reasonable notice, CHA reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions of temporary housing during the term of the agreement.

These Terms & Conditions are applicable on all Occupancy Agreements between Corporate Housing America (or we, us) and our clients (Guest(s) or them, their) for the rental of fully furnished long or short-term apartment.

Reservations only apply to the length of stay as stated in on the Occupancy Agreement. An extension of any reservation is subject to availability and/or management approval and must be in writing via an Extension Request Form. NO EXCEPTIONS. Extensions may be subject to a rate increase for the extension period.

Client/Guest agrees to pay for all fees, applicable taxes, any other charges specified herein and in the Occupancy Agreement, and as otherwise agreed to by the parties. Unless otherwise arranged or agreed, any balances owing will be charged to the credit card account on file without further notice.

Guest(s) are required to complete, sign and return an Occupancy Agreement, Credit Card Authorization form and legible photocopies or pics of the Credit Card and the photo ID of the Card holder.

If the Occupancy Agreement is in a company name, the card holder is the co-signer/Guarantor. For the duration of the reservation and any extension of it, the Guest(s) agrees to pay fees for the use of the Apartment and any additional chargeable services utilized.

CHA will not process any charges to the credit card that are not allowed by these terms and conditions or by the signed occupancy Agreement.

New reservations of one month or less may require payment in full prior to check in.

Weekly payments will be processed every Monday (including your arrival day). We reserve the right to terminate any reservation if payment is declined for any reason. A Security Deposit will be required at the time of reservation. If applicable, the deposit will be refunded back to the credit card, within 30 days of departure.

Guest/Cardholder hereby agrees as follows:

Guests understand and agree to these Terms and Conditions of the Reservation for the apartment and hereby grant Corporate Housing America permission to collect payment for any items/fees related to the Reservation by processing charges to the credit card which has been submitted to CHA via the Occupancy Agreement and any subsequent process. The authorized signer of the credit card on file certifies that the information provided is accurate and complete. He or She further understands that the credit card will be charged upon receipt of the signed Agreement and accepts the Terms and Conditions: (a) for the Security Deposit; (b) for the Service/Booking Fee; (c) for the Cleaning Fee; (d) the Pet Fee (if applicable); (e) for a minimum payment equal to the weekly rate; and (d) any additional options the guest has selected (plus applicable taxes and fees, if any).

Corporate Housing America reserves the right to charge; (a) a late fee of $50 per day or the maximum amount allowable by law; and (b) a decline fee of $50 per decline.

Unless otherwise agreed to by the parties in writing, the Guest will be responsible for charges, including but not limited to, the list below:

 Damages or Loss to Unit beyond normal use

 Incidentals, Furniture and Amenity Add-Ons

 Unreturned Keys, Access Cards and Garage Openers

 Premium or Pay-per-View Cable Channels

 Lost Revenue caused either directly or indirectly by the Guest

If the guest/occupant shall be in arrears of any payments, charges or fees due in accordance with these terms and/or the signed agreement, or any portion thereof, or in default of any other covenants or agreements set forth in the Occupancy Agreement and the default remains uncorrected for a period of three (3) days after Corporate Housing America has given written notice via email, then Corporate Housing America may, at its own option, undertake any of the following remedies without limitation: (a) declare the term of the agreement ended and pursue financial remedies through the collections agency of choice; (b) terminate the tenant's right to occupy the property, re-enter and repossess the property pursuant to other relief to which Corporate Housing America is entitled; (c) pursue breach of contract remedies; and/or (d) pursue any and all available remedies in law or equity.

In the event occupancy is terminated by reason of a default prior to expiration of the term, the Guest shall be responsible for the rent and additional payments and charges occurring for the remainder of the term, subject to Corporate Housing America's duty to mitigate such damages, pursuant to applicable law, which is incorporated by this reference. In the event repeated or substantial default(s) under the agreement occur, Corporate Housing America may terminate guest’s possession upon a written notice to nullify the agreement, without a right to cure. Upon such termination, Corporate Housing America shall have available any and all of the above listed remedies.


Corporate Housing America reserves the right to require a background check if we deem it necessary for the safety and security of the company, property and/or our guests.


If any of these rules/terms are violated or we receive complaints regarding inappropriate, illegal, policy disregard or disrespectful behavior, Corporate Housing America apartments reserves the right to remove all guests from the apartment without any further notice and without any refund.


Notices may be sent via email or posted as per Oregon Law.


All rates are subject to change for future reservations or extensions without notice and are quoted in US Dollars including prices/rates shown in or brochures, emails, marketing streams or on our website.


All Temporary Occupancy is to be Pre-Paid on a weekly basis. Payments are due every Monday – To avoid processing/late/decline fees, funds must be available by 9am on Monday.

Guest(s) agree to pay the required payment of the Apartment for the duration of the Occupancy Agreement and any/all applicable fees for additional services requested by the Guest(s). Payment can be made to Corporate Housing America by MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express. Cash is not accepted. Debit Cards may be accepted for weekly payments on a per-case basis with written approval by CHA.

If the credit card is declined for the payment, a $50 decline fee will be assessed each time the payment is declined (up to twice per day) and additional late fees in the amount of $50 per day will be assessed until the entire outstanding balance is paid in full, including fees.

If CHA is not able to process the balance owing (including applicable fees) by 1PM on Monday, a late fee of $50 will be assessed. At this point, the total balance of the Agreement will immediately be due and payable. The account may be subject to additional late and decline fees until the entire balance owing is paid in full.

Any unpaid balance is reportable to credit reporting agencies and promptly sent to collections.

Monthly Pre-Payment Option: You may choose to pre-pay for an entire month at a time. You will simply need to let one of our team members know.

If offered, for the best Weekly Rate possible, you can pre-pay your entire stay with a debit card when you make your reservation. Ask a team member for details and if this offer is applicable.

Continued payment problems will be considered a breach of contract and may result in immediate termination of the contract and a demand to vacate the apartment.

Partial week Calculation

Your week begins on the arrival date of the Occupancy Agreement.  If your stay ends, creating a partial week, the additional days may be prorated as follows:

Weekly rate divided by 7 nights, times the additional nights


Partial weeks will be charged at the posted Daily Rate if the Guest has incurred any of the following:

Is being removed from the apartment for any reason prior to the noted departure date

Has had more than one decline on the credit card

Has had more than one late payment

Has violated any terms of their reservation

Returned Check/Money Order or Cashier’s Check – If an exception is made and we accept a Company Check, Money Order or Cashier’s Check, there will be an NSF Fee including, but not limited to, $75 plus any applicable Fees assessed for any returned checks.


The completed Occupancy Agreement must be received and approved by the home office of CHA. The agreement/contract is binding when the required payment has been processed and a confirmation number is emailed to the cardholder. For security and verification purposes, front and back copies/pics of the credit card and the cardholder’s photo ID must also be received. All copies/pic must be clear and information readable.

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