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* Some locations require a minimum stay of 30 days

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Occupant, Guest, Client, Cardholder, Guarantor (“Guest”)

Occupancy Agreement, Contract, Reservation, Addendums, Approved Changes (“Contract”)

Terms, conditions, guidelines and rules (“Terms”)

Corporate Housing America (“CHA”)

Apartment, Property (“Unit”)

The following rules are for the protection and benefits of all CORPORATE HOUSING AMERICA Clients and Guests. Your cooperation is appreciated as we continually strive to make your stay a pleasant one.

House Rules

Below are some of the House Rules that apply to all occupants during their stay in a Corporate Housing America apartment. Corporate Housing America apartments are all located in residential communities and buildings. Please respect your neighbors. Be polite and courteous towards them.


Before 9am and after 9:00pm is considered quiet time. Please be respectful of these times. Also, during this time there shall be no gathering of any number of persons, outdoors or in the common areas that create excess noise from the collective voices.

Make sure to keep the noise level down both inside and outside the apartment. This includes hallways and common spaces.

Please make sure that any music or TV is also kept at a considerate volume level.


In accordance with Provincial law, and for the comfort of all its guests, Corporate Housing America offers a smoke-free environment. There will be No Smoking or burning of candles or incense permitted in any apartment offered or managed by Corporate Housing America. Individuals smoking in the Apartments will be subject to immediate eviction and will be held responsible for complete sanitation and restoration costs.

Smoking is not allowed inside ANY building. Some CHA locations are non-smoking on the entire property. Make sure to know the smoking policies before making a reservation.  If the property allows smoking, you must stay 25 feet or more from any door or window. Minimum fine for smoking where prohibited is $500 per incident.

LaSalle – No smoking in any apartment or within 25’ of any door or window

Canyon Park – No Smoking anywhere on the property

Harrison Tower - No Smoking anywhere on the property

Oregon City – No smoking in any apartment or within 25’ of any door or window

Garden Park - No Smoking anywhere on the property

NOTE: If you are in a smoking area, do not use any part of the property for an ash tray. $300 non-compliance fees (per incident) will apply if any smoking debris is thrown on the ground or not properly disposed of. Guests are not to leave cigarette butts, ash trays or any smoking related items in any common or public areas. Smoking related trash needs to be disposed of responsibly in outside trash receptacles, not inside any apartment.


We have made every effort to make our apartments inviting and comfortable. Please do not abuse them. We reserve the right to inspect our apartments at any time if we feel they are not being kept clean or taken care of. If there is a leak or problem that could cause damage, you must report the situation immediately to CHA.

Do not hang anything on or mar the interior or exterior walls of the apartment.

Do not use the balcony/patio/porch as a storage area.

You are not allowed to host parties or events inside the apartment at any time. It is also not allowed to host business events or to organize any form of client meetings inside the apartment at any time.


Any illegal activity will be reported to the police and will be subject to immediate eviction.


By signing the Occupancy Agreement Contract and/or residing in a CHA apartment, the guest/cardholder agrees to abide by the terms and conditions contained in the agreement, within this document/page, and all federal, state, and local laws and CHA Policies.

The Guest/Cardholder is RESPONSIBLE FOR MAINTAINING THE CARE OF THE APARTMENT. The apartment must be kept clean and tidy at all times. If CORPORATE HOUSING AMERICA finds a unit is not being properly cared for, we reserve the right to immediately hire a cleaning/repair service to take care of the situation.  Any costs involved in keeping the unit in a clean and tidy condition will be the sole responsibility of the Guest and/or signer of the Occupancy Agreement.


Each apartment can house a limited number of occupants, depending on the number of bedrooms.

Studio – Up to 2 adults

1 Bedroom – Up to 2 adults

2 Bedroom – Up to 4 adults

3 Bedroom – Up to 6 people

Individuals with Felony convictions are not allowed as a guest in any of our apartments at any time, including as a registered occupant.


Corporate Housing America offers pet-friendly apartments for dogs and cats at most locations, provided they are mature animals, house broken and trained. However, for the comfort and safety of others, we have very strict guidelines and policies that must be followed. All pets must be pre-approved (in writing) at CHA’s sole discretion, prior to making a reservation. Pets are welcome in designated units ONLY. Additional charges may apply if pets cause any damage or excessive cleaning due to shedding or other pet related issues.

Click here to review breed and size restrictions – mixed breeds must be declared

Maximum 2 pets per apartment

Pets must be clean and healthy

$150 Non-refundable pet fee per pet

A Pet Agreement may be required.

Pet waste must be immediately cleaned up and removed to a sealed container or bag and them disposed of properly. Failure to do so will result in a substantial Non-Compliance Fee of not less than $100 per incident without warning.

Pets are not to be left in the apartment unattended unless it is in a secure kennel.

Excessive barking will result in the immediate notification via email to remove the pet from the property. Failure to remove a disruptive pet after notification will result in a breach of contract and subject to non-compliance fees.


If Guest is found to have an unauthorized pet that was not pre-approved, Corporate Housing America may take any of the following actions: 1) Declare the Guest to be in breach of their contract, 2) charge the Guest an initial penalty of $500 and an additional $100 per day for each day that the pet remains in the Apartment, 3) remove (or cause to be removed) any unauthorized pet by local authorities by providing 24 hour written notice via email to the Guest of our intention to remove the unauthorized pet(s) and 4) charge the Guest for – the pet removal, any extermination for fleas or other insects, any cleaning or deodorizing, and any repairs to the Apartment or its contents.

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