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* Some locations require a minimum stay of 30 days

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NOTE: The photos on this website are a sampling of what you might expect in our fully appointed units, including a full kitchen and queen bed(s).

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How else are you different? We take pride in making sure your apartment is ready for you when you arrive. Our Guest relations team will make every attempt to accommodate your needs during your stay. We are a small enough company to still care about customer service and making sure our guests are comfortable. We also listen to guest suggestions and try to make changes where needed.

How do you keep your rates so reasonable? The bottom line is that we are not trying to maintain huge offices, a big staff, or spend a fortune on marketing. We have a small efficient team that work hard to provide the best service possible. We have a very small profit margin (after operation costs, actual rent, the furnishings we provide, the utilities, etc.) reasonable rates are only successful through volume and guest satisfaction. Failure on either would result in higher costs to you… our valued guests.

What is Corporate Housing? Corporate Housing is the best and most comfortable alternative to small, expensive hotel rooms. Years ago, corporate housing was a lodging solution that was only utilized by business travelers. However, today, as the need for furnished temporary housing grows, corporate housing is expanding into a mainstream lodging segment. Corporate housing encompasses the needs of everyone from business travelers, to traveling theater performers, traveling nurses, sports professionals, visiting professors, graduate students, relocating families, individuals on military assignments, extended leisure travelers, grandparents on extended visits, divorcees and homeowners displaced from fire, water, mold and other insurance losses.

What is Corporate Housing America? Corporate Housing America has roots going back more than 20 years and strives to be the “premier” temporary/short-term housing provider for the traveling public in the Portland Metro area. "Corporate housing" describes our nicely furnished apartments, ideal for relocating families and others in need of extended stay or temporary housing accommodations. "Corporate housing", also known as furnished apartments, corporate suites, short term housing or extended stay rentals, describes nicely furnished apartments. Whatever you call it, Corporate Housing America comes out on top, ensuring that your needs are met during your stay. Corporate housing is a multi-billion dollar segment of the lodging industry offering furnished residential rentals. Corporate Housing America has taken that concept and improved it with exceptional customer care and booking options that can’t be beat.

Corporate Housing America secures exceptional residential apartments, adds our signature furnishings, and then offers the fully furnished apartments to our guests.

We manage multiple locations throughout Portland, Beaverton and Oregon City. These locations offer the additional the comforts of home provided by Corporate Housing America with a range of services and amenities.

In business since 1996, Corporate Housing America is focused on providing the finest customer service for our guests from around the world. Our founder Patricia Zirkle continues to lead the company's continued innovation, growth, and commitment to excellence.

In every city where Corporate Housing America opens its doors, guests can expect the highest standard of apartments and customer service. Our central reservation system and knowledgeable team members can help guides clients to the location and brand that best suits his or her needs.

CORPORATE HOUSING AMERICA apartments combine the spacious comfort of a private apartment home with the services and security that you will come to appreciate as our Guest.

What types of clients does Corporate Housing America serve? Corporate Housing America's clients are as diverse as the services we offer. Corporate Housing America apartments are designed to meet the needs and desires of anyone who is looking for a temporary home-away-from-home. We also can serve as a reliable extension of your team, providing travel and relocation support to your employees.

Some of our most frequent clients include:

Family Relocations

Corporations and Individuals from around the world

Businesses travelers from across the country

Traveling Nurses and Techs

Medical Treatment away from home

Entertainment industry members

Contract Workers

Government and military personnel

Professional sports teams

Senior citizens

Extended Vacations

Displaced Homeowners

And many more…

Where are Corporate Housing America’s apartments located? Corporate Housing America's furnished apartments are strategically located throughout Portland, Beaverton and Oregon City, to best suit the needs of our Guests. Corporate Housing America offers a range of the best value and most comfortable apartments in each area.

What size apartments do you have available? In every location, Corporate Housing America offers a wide selection of one- and two-bedroom apartments, featuring full kitchens and separate living areas and bedrooms. Studio and three-bedroom apartments are available at some locations. Floor plans and sizes vary by apartment and location, but Corporate Housing America always offers among the most spacious apartments in each city. Average floor plans measure:

300- 400 sq. ft. for studio apartments

500-700 sq. ft. for one-bedroom apartments

700-1000 sq. ft. for two-bedroom apartments

800-1000 sq. ft. for three-bedroom apartments

If you have a question about which size apartments are available in a specific location, please contact one of our team members.

What amenities are offered at your apartments? Corporate Housing America offers leading amenities at most of our locations. Depending on where guests stay, they may find onsite fitness room, swimming pools, children's play areas, business centers, and meeting rooms, with grocery stores, restaurants and shopping nearby. One of our knowledgeable Corporate Housing America team members can help guests choose a location with the amenities that best fit their needs.

What are your rates? Rates vary according to the location, floor plan size, length of stay, and services provided, but the cost is generally approximately 50% less than hotels.

Do I have to Sign a Contract? Yes, you are obligated to sign an Occupancy Agreement. You can sign an agreement for as short as 1 week, or you can stay as long as you need to.

here and how do I sign my rental documents? At Corporate Housing America, we make it easy! We can email or fax your rental documents. All you need to do is sign and return back to us by email or fax. We can even send the documents via Docusign if you prefer. (minimal fee may be required)

Do I have to set up any utilities? No. We have set up all utilities including electric, gas, water, trash, cable and Internet in our name. A monthly allowance for utilities is given for each floorplan size, as follows: $100 for 1 bedroom apartments, $125 for 2 bedroom apartments, $125 for 3 bedroom apartments. If your utilities are greater than that amount, you will be billed for the extra amount.

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