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NOTE: The photos on this website are a sampling of what you might expect in our fully appointed units, including a full kitchen and queen bed(s).

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#3 - Cleaning & Laundry Kit       $   53.00   Includes Delivery*    


Premium Select  - Choose 1

Spic ‘n Span Antibacterial Spray -      

Comet Cleanser      



Dryer Sheets      

Dishwasher Detergent      

4 pack TP      

Extra Roll of Paper Towels      

Add-ons  - Choice of 3   



#4 - Personal Essentials Kit       $   52.00   Includes Delivery*    


Liquid Hand Soap      

Bar Soap      



Unscented Deodorant      


2 Toothbrushes      



*Free Delivery applies to orders placed at least one week prior to your arrival date. Please inquire for other delivery options.

Free Thank You Gift - Choose 1

Complimentary Laundry Basket  

        Disney Cars Trading Pin

        Disney Trading Pin

        Reusable Corporate Housing America Shopping Bag


Additional premium choices - only $8 each

Additional Add-on - only $2 each

Additional Thank You Gifts - only $3 each


Essentials Order Form

You will receive the Cleaning & Laundry Kit as described to the right, including your ___ choices below

New Orleans Seasoning

Memphis Style BBQ

Oregano Leaves

Choose a Free Gift for each kit purchased - Compliments of Corporate Housing America

Mocha Candle

Bottle Pourer

Minced Garlic