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* Some locations require a minimum stay of 30 days

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An exciting new division of Extended Stay Properties, Inc.


NOTE: The photos on this website are a sampling of what you might expect in our fully appointed units, including a full kitchen and queen bed(s).

Over the next few months, Extended Stay Properties, Inc will begin building a nationwide network of Individually owned and operated Corporate Housing Providers just like you.

You can build a very lucrative home-based business that can be started on a shoestring, if funds are tight. We can show you exactly how to do this and build a marketable business that can secure your financial future.

It is easier than you may think !!!

However.... This is NOT a “get rich quick” scheme.

You will have to do the work but, it can be very rewarding.

Did you know...?

You can start your own Corporate Housing Business with very little investment and only about $290 per month ??? Extended Stay Properties, Inc. Offers exceptional financing options to qualified applicants (OAC).

Ground-Level Opportunity

In some ways, being the first to do anything can be very exciting.  It can also be a little frightening if there isn’t a proven track record for your new venture.

Fortunately, this is a ground-level opportunity with a company that has a proven track record and a successful working business model.

Being among the first of our Licensed Partners may seem a bit risky, but it certainly has some huge advantages, as well.

Is it worth the risk? –  We are willing to go the extra mile to Guarantee your success with our company. There is very little risk, since we offer a Money Back Guarantee if you follow our Exclusive Step-by- Step Program. We have structured a very aggressive schedule to establish your new business in a very short period of time. We also provide additional support to Licensees that are driven to succeed.

You can feel confident that by becoming one of our first Licensed Partners, you will have the best selections of exclusive regions, territories and locations available across the country.

You will receive more customized marketing and advertising support since we will have fewer locations to target at the beginning.

The original concept of ESP started back in 1996 and has been in operation ever since with exceptional success. We are simply taking a proven concept, sharing the knowledge and expanding across the country to satisfy the growing need for Temporary Housing as well as providing an excellent business opportunity.

For nearly eighteen years, the founder of ESP has narrowed down what works and what doesn’t. You will learn from both our mistakes and from our successes. This will definitely benefit you, so you don’t make the same mistakes that were made during the development stages of this wonderful business model. That alone will save you many thousands of dollars.

There are lots of Business Opportunities out there these days. However, finding the right one that actually works and has a proven track record and successful business model that will fit your financial needs as well as allowing the free time you need, can be very difficult to find.

If you choose a new business venture with the ESP Program, it will be built on proven techniques, your personality and your dedication to succeed.

The ESP Program will provide the tools to create a successful business, but ultimately it comes down to YOU as the Licensed Partner/Network Member to decide when to implement the tools that we provide.

If you believe in the company’s management, concept and track record, you will be helping the network grow. The growth of the network will also increase the value of your investment. It definitely seems like a WIN - WIN situation!

We are just as excited to have you as a new member as you are about the income possibilities, and freedom from the 9 to 5 rat race.

We are looking forward to the opportunity to help you become successful!

Very Important Details of a Successful Business –

Client/Guest Relations

Detailed Cleaning

Marketing Your Business

Making your business well known in your community.

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