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* Some locations require a minimum stay of 30 days

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An exciting new division of Extended Stay Properties, Inc.


NOTE: The photos on this website are a sampling of what you might expect in our fully appointed units, including a full kitchen and queen bed(s).

This business program eliminates a multitude of headaches and has less paperwork than almost any business.  This is a legitimate business opportunity, not MLM or an online business.  You will have assets, and you will build an equitable business to pass to your heirs.  

Within a year your pure net profits (after taxes) would be around $6k-10k  a month!!!  

If you follow either ESP’s “15 Month or Fast Track Plan”, you can easily build a gross profit of  $200k+, with weekly and monthly income.

We are looking for Investors and Business Owners that need to dump this year’s gains into another investment.   We have that investment and a easy business where you can work between 4-30 hours a week and make money!!!

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We have a very lucrative business for you!!!

Invest with Extended Stay Properties, Inc. and reap the rewards of building your own business!

ESP has the “Keys to Your Success”. We shine a bright light on a simple step-by-step program that walks you through creating your successful and very lucrative business on a part time basis.

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Invest in one unit and expand your business from there….

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners - Reinvest capital and profits before the end of the year!

Within the ever expanding, world-wide Corporate Housing industry, Extended Stay Properties is fast becoming a leader in flexible and adaptive temporary housing solutions to provide the “Comforts of Home” in today’s world.  

Simple Business, easy back office, simple paperwork from a proven system since 1996

Cultivate your investment and watch it grow into the financial security you and your family deserve.

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…..enjoying a stress-free vacation without financial worries.

With very little investment, your can start your new career with Extended Stay Properties. Within a very short period of time, you could be….

Invest in Your Future....

Brian Hanners - (971) 284-7057

or email at bhanners@extendedstayproperties.com