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How To Earn Money From The Funded Proposal Model

By Tracey Walker

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Most network marketing systems today are based on the funded proposal model. If you are intent on creating your own strategy for your network marketing business, using the funded proposal model allows you to generate profit even if people don’t sign up with your company in the end.

What is the Funded Proposal Model?

A lot of network marketing businesses end up failing simply because their initial advertising costs are greater than the profits their businesses are able to generate. The funded proposal model was created to give network marketers a way to offset advertising costs and earn money as well even if people decide not to join their network marketing company.

Elements of a Funded Proposal

A funded proposal takes time to create because you’re devising a strategy that has to be duplicable and able to work for all types of network marketing companies, products, and services. A funded proposal is also designed to help solve problems that commonly beset network marketers. Your funded proposal will be effective if it possesses the five essential elements stated below.

Business Building

Funded proposals must include time-tested and proven strategies for building a network marketing business. Establishing your business online will always include building a website and making use of various Internet marketing tools to generate website traffic. Your funded proposal must help network marketers achieve their business building goals without hurting their pockets too much.

Prospect Listing

Another important factor to incorporate in your funded proposal is prospect listing. You should teach your affiliates the best ways to create a prospect list for their own business. And of course, this step must be accomplished within the person’s budget.

Lead Generation

Funded proposals must also eliminate the need for buying MLM leads. Funded proposals must include tested and proven strategies for lead generation. Getting high quality leads is more likely if you’ve generated them through your own efforts. By giving affiliates full control on how to generate those leads, you’re also giving them the opportunity to have access to leads that are tailor-made for their business.

Leadership and Support

Funded proposals also require interaction between the proposal creator – that’s you – and its subscribers. You must accept and embrace your role as a leader to them if you wish for your funded proposal to work. As a leader, it’s your job to motivate them and give them all the encouragement and support they need to attain their goals in network marketing.

The lead generation techniques your funded proposal taught them to use will give them access to high quality leads, yes, but it’s your leadership and support that enables them to make excellent use of those leads. Without appropriate skills, opportunities can still slip through a person’s fingers. It’s your job to make sure that doesn’t happen to any of your affiliates!

Their Profit

The success of your funded proposal would generally be based on the amount of profit it is able to generate. Your proposal must also help network marketers earn money regardless of which company they’ve joined or whatever it is they’re selling.

Your Profit

Lastly, and this is to ensure that you still earn money from your funded proposal even if they don’t become a part of your network marketing business, remember to charge a reasonable rate for access to your funded proposal system. If it’s as good as you think it is, people won’t mind paying for it!

If you would like to find more information about how you can successfully grow your network marketing business using the internet, follow the "Internet MLM Success" link in the resource box.


Tracey Walker   

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Tracey Walker is an Expert Internet Network Marketer who hates rejection and chasing dead-end leads. To learn more about how she completely stopped having hotel meetings and still grew her team by 181 distributors in less than 30 days, click this link ==>Internet MLM Success!

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